We are an effort; an effort to repay our motherland; a motherland suffocated and marred by littering. We are an effort on a mission; a mission of “creating happy communities by creating clean communities”.
Being an AlWasila project, we have set out to

  • purge the city, neighbourhood by neighbourhood
  • make greener homes
  • improve living conditions

Our project in a few steps:

  • Charting muhallas and halaqas in the city
  • Appointing  safai wala (members) for weekly spring cleaning
  • Appointing a safai wala (operative) for collection of garbage
  • Collection of rupees 100 per house
  • Keeping dumpster sites in order
  • Keeping drains clean and running

What part do you want to join?

Let’s unite, you and I, to liberate our motherland’s vastness from waste.
Let’s team up to restore her beauty – she deserves it.
She needs you and me!